Saturday, March 29, 2008


Blackie here - I just discovered this way coool blog all about cats! check it out...

click here for LOL CATS


Oliver said...

Hi Blackie and Bob,(I like kitties)

My mommy, this is what I call my favorite girl, let me e-mail you guys, I have a daddy to but he left and when he visits he he only pats me on the head like a afterthought :( oh well it is his loss. I smell his clothe and can tell he has replaced me with an other dog, a big one, aha !!
Yesterday I asked my mommy to buy this camera she talks about, just a few clicks on her laptop and that little plastic card she keeps close should do it, and she did :))) So, soon she will show me off, I am handsome and like to pose. Even if some people say I am shaped like a hotdog, you'll see it isn't true, I am a handsome Jack-Russell, I to am a guy, all white and with two black patches on my eyes. Oh by the way, my name is Oliver.
See you all real soon !

mrsdanigirl8 said...

We've been hounding this website for a while... it's good for laughs but we like yours too!

- Scout & Jetta