Saturday, December 20, 2008

Camera Critters Dec 20 2008

Blackie here.. we haven't been around again since Mommy hasn't had much time to help us post. This will be our last post of the year, we think...... this is what I look like most of the time...... I'm sleeping here on Bob's blankie.. he won't let me sleep on it except when he's somewhere else....

Love Blackie

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Camera-Critters November 29 2008

Hi everyone, Blackie here! We were gone last week again but we are back today. Here I am with my daddy. I am learning to like being held and I try not to run away now. I just don't like it when Daddy squeezes too much.

Mommy wanted to show everyone my big feets, so here they are.........

Love, Blackie

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Camera-Critters November 15 2008

Blackie here... sorry we weren't around last week... mommy couldn't help us do the bob and blackie show (we don't have thumbs so it makes it hard to type)... she was too busy. she's still busy but did not want to disappoint our fans...

So here I am, trying to sleep on my new bed. I found it on the floor near daddy's chair. I'm not sure what was in it, but there was a lot of stuff going on here a few days ago, stuff with boxes and long plastic things that connected to them. there was even a mouse, but not a real one that i could eat. Anyway, this isn't a soft bed, but it's fun to play with...

Love, Blackie

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Camera-Critters November 1 2008

Bob here,
I don't understand why mommy keeps putting more of that paper stuff in the hallway. Blackie keeps tearing up stuff and daddy gets mad, but mommy knows how much blackie loves to play in it. So, she found some more old wrapping paper stuff and put it in the hallway. Here's what happend:

he's such a silly kitty!

Instead of playing catch and baseball with mommy (yes, he likes to run around and the wrapping paper is his home plate), he now runs to the paper and then goes INSIDE it... he thinks mommy can't see him but she can.. hehe! blackie won't move at all, except his tail makes noises when he's happy... every time she says BLACKIE! , his tail moves....

Ok, that's the end of my story.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Camera-Critters October 25 2008

Hi, Blackie here,

We like to spend our mornings in here, in the patio. Lately there has been a friend that comes to visit outside.

Can you see him? He looks just like me! but he's much smaller...

Oh yeah... I have to be on guard in case he comes and attacks my little brother!

Love, Blackie

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Camera-Critters October 19 2008

Blackie here,

Here is a typical evening when the weather is cooler... Papa is sleeping on the couch (pretending to watch that box they call the tv) and here is Bob, sleeping with him.

See how happy Bob looks? He's on his favorite blankies!

It's like they can sleep there all day....

I'm too busy to sleep like that! too many things to do...

Love, Blackie

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Camera Critters Meme: Camera-Critters October 11 2008

Hi, bob here! I havent' been around much, just been too busy. today, i wanted to show you all the photos of me and my mommy's hand. I love to kiss and lick her! This is me showing how much I loves her...

See? I can lick lick my mommy all day long! Well, maybe not all day...

Mommy sometimes complains that i am too rough. I guesh my tongue can scrape her skin! Well, i can't help it.. she tastes good!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Camera-Critters October 4 2008

Blackie here,

I got me a new toy! It's a mouse. Not a real one, but it's close! Mommy's friend Apple Debbie, of Planet Olliewood and Travels with Trooper sent me a bunch of mice, but mommy only gave me one mice for now.

Do you see the mouse in my mouth?

Here's a video of me playing with my mouse. Hope you like it!!

Love, Blackie

Friday, October 3, 2008

More Blackie

Blackie loves to sleep on his back.....

Blackie in a feisty mood

Here's blackie in a feisty mood....

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blackie loves Sarah Palin

Blackie actually likes to watch tv and has been fascinated with this lady..

He still cannot figure her out though.......

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Camera-Critters September 27 2008

Hi everyone! Blackie here..

Mommy wanted me to put pictures up of her friend Rainie's kitty, Teddy. Teddy was this cute siamese kitty that went to the Rainbow Bridge at a very young age. I think he was maybe no more than 10 years old. Teddy's mommy and daddy are devastated that he is gone, and miss him so much. Here is a photo of him and his brother Geepers, during better days.

Mommy also wanted me to show you all pictures of a new member of Rainie and Eric's family, Rocky. Rocky, so i've been told, looks just like Alice, who went to the Rainbow Bridge in January. (Me and Bob live here now because mommy and daddy miss Alice so much). Anyway, they think Rocky is cute. But I say i think i look cuter!

Anyway, here are photos of Rocky doing his thing ...

Well, that's it for this week. Good night!

Love, Blackie...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Meow Mix

humorous pictures
more animals

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Camera-Critters September 20 2008

Blackie here,

As you can see, Here I am with my favorite toy, what mommy calls "wrapping paper". I like to hide in it. Remember my pictures from before?Well, this is what it looks like now.. mommy wants to throw the paper away because it is so sad looking, but she knows how much i love to play with it...

Love, Blackie

Ps - Bob is feeling so much better since last time he was here at the blog. This is an older picture, but trust me, Bob is no longer sneezing and is being his old self again.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Camera-Critters September 13 2008

hello! Mommy wanted me to post this photo of OLIVER, her friend "madeleine's" lovable doggy... my mommy loves this type of dog and if she had one, she would have one just like Oliver! I dont know if I like dogs... i know they dont' like me, so maybe me and oliver can't ever be friends, but I will admire him from here.....

Hope everyone is having a good Camera Critters Day!!

Love, Blackie

Friday, September 12, 2008

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blackie says....

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An Award

 Mommy Brain Reports

Max the Dog gave me and Bob an award! Ha! It's something like a brainy award. We must be smart! I's got a brain! Now, I have to go and find other people/cats/dogs/animals that are smart like us!

Here are the rules:

Look what I gots from mommy's friend Max the dog he told mommy that my writing is brainy I don't know what that means but I think it could be good. Now I gots to give it to others who has brainy blogs.Mommy said I have to put the rules in here I thinks rules are no don't run in the road or stop licking there. But this award has it's own no no things so here they are
From Mommy Brain Reports

Mommy Brain Reports is on the lookout for some Brainy Sites! Do you know of any?

Perhaps they have some really interesting ideas, super cool content, or they have some incredible posts that make you really think… Maybe they are your inspiration, or they have helped you out in your quest to be an awesome blogger yourself. Are they someone you can turn to at a moment’s notice for help or advice? Maybe they’re just someone who has encouraged you to be.. well.. You!

In any case, you have to know someone who you would deem a Brainy Blogger! You should let them know how you feel!!!


1. Think of at least 5 bloggers that you believe to be “Brainy Bloggers”

2. Post it on your blog for all to see! Let them know you’ve awarded them by email, twitter, etc or via a comment on their blog!

3. Share some linky love and link back to both the person who awarded you and back to

4. Come back to the Brainy Blog Headquarters to sign our Mr. Linky and then pass it on!

5.Grab the code from HQ - use it in your post, and/or add it to your sidebar!

Don’t forget to link up the person who nominated you for the Brainy Blogger Award!
I think that I am going to share this award with some of my furry friends like
Planet-Olliewoods' Prow Prow and Ollie!
Almost there
Sweet Norms
Yenny girl
I beati

I hope i did this right... Love, Blackie

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Camera-Critters September 6 2008

Hi everyone, Blackie here!

Mommy wanted to show everyone how much I've grown up since we first moved in with Mommy and Daddy back in February. Check out this older Camera Critters series: See Charlie holding Blackie. Daddy is trying to hold me but I dont like it. This was when I was much younger! (Ok a few months younger).

Now I'm older, and here is the proof - I actually let Daddy hold me now! Look!

Well, you get the idea....... And now it's time for my nap........ Good night!
Love, Blackie