Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Introducing your hosts, Blackie and Bob Lofton

We're new to the Lofton household, and wanted to share our experiences with others like us. We were living at the Humane Society when our future parents came to find us. It took a few days to get things rolling, but we finally moved in to our new home on February 20th, 2008. We found out later that it had been only 2 weeks ago since their beloved kitty Alice had gone over to RAINBOW BRIDGE and they wanted new kitties to take care of.

Well, here we are!! We are having a good time in this brand new house. So far, we haven't made our new mommy and daddy too mad at us. We've only scratched up the furniture a little. It just feels so good to do it!

We'll post some more later. We don't have thumbs so it takes us longer to type.


Blackie (Jed) and (Smokey) Bob


AppleDebbie said...

Hi Bob and Blackie!

You're going to have many, many happy years living in your new home. I can't wait to see more pictures of you two... Bob is so handsome and Blackie is so... BIG! LOL!

ratmammy said...

there are many photos already taken but have yet to be shared...the ratmammy has been rather overwhelmed and hopes she doesn't get too obsessed with this.....

mrsdanigirl8 said...

Scout and Jetta love watching cats so they'll definitely enjoy stalking this blog :)

ratmammy said...

haha! blackie likes to be stalked... it's his thing... haha!