Saturday, June 28, 2008

Camera Critters Meme: Camera-Critters June 29 2008

Hi,Blackie here!

I wanted to show everyone what a pig my brother Bob is... that first picture is Bob eating off of my dinner plate...

And now he's eating off of his own plate.....

Bob was so excited to have two plates, that he ran from one plate to the other, taking little nibbles...Bob really knows how to enjoy his meals!

Boy, what a pig he is!!

Love, Blackie

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A past life

Blackie here,

Mommy took a test that Ollie's mother took, about past lives (whatever that is). Here is her results. I guess Mommy used to be a whale once upon a time.

You Were a Whale

You see the unseen and connect on the deepest level.

You help others find their soul's song.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Camera Critters Meme: Camera-Critters June 22 2008

Blackie here...

Mommy wanted me to post this photo today. They are Ollie and Tazzy (Momer), beloved dogs of AppleDebbie. The big black and white one is Ollie, and the one on the right was Tazzy, who went to Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday. Mommy is sad but is happy that Tazzy is no longer suffering.

This is our memorial tribute to Tazzy(Momer).

Love, Blackie

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Camera Critters Meme: Camera-Critters June 15 2008

Blackie here! Mommy took a few photos of me last night while I was sitting on her piano. This is one of my new favorite places to be. Also, people can't see me cuz I'm black just like the piano!!!

One time, Mommy was playing the piano and I jumped on it, thinking I could sit on it. I got scared when I started playing the piano with her... I didnt' know I could play!

Oh well, Mommy couldn't stop laughing when I jumped up while she was playing too, but I haven't done it since. Too scary...

Love, Blackie

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Camera Critters Meme: Camera-Critters June 8 2008

Hi everyone! Bob here... I saw all those Blackie photos last week, so I told Blackie today is my turn!

Do you see me in this first photo? Well, me and Blackie were fighting one morning and Blackie was stuck behind the curtains. Well, as he tried to attack me, got tangled in the whtie curtains, and the whole thing fell on us and on the couch. (sure scared the hell out of mommy!!) Daddy said to leave it there. Then, Mommy noticed that I liked to sleep here, so they left the curtains there and now I have a new bed!

Here's another view of me in my bed... I love it because it's like my own secret place.

Here I am!!

Anyway, that's my story for today. I hope you come back soon!