Sunday, March 30, 2008


Humorous Pictures


Blackie says...."Meow! Who let the dogs out??"

What's up?

Blackie here, just wanted to show you another photo of me....

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Blackie here - I just discovered this way coool blog all about cats! check it out...

click here for LOL CATS

Friday, March 28, 2008

Prow Prow, CPA

Every year at this time my mom goes a little bit crazy looking for little scraps of paper with numbers on them (she calls them receipts). Once she finds her scraps of paper she organizes them into piles and then she adds up all of the numbers and writes the totals on bigger pieces of paper. During this process she'll look at me and say that she should be able to claim me and the two old dogs that live here as dependents (whatever that means) because she spends so much money on our food, toys and vet bills. I decided to help my mom today by stretching out on top of her "receipts". I figured that if I turned myself into a paperweight the papers couldn't go anywhere, right? WRONG! When I plopped down on the pile the papers scattered everywhere. I tried batting them back to where they belong but that only made things worse. My mom was not amused. Of course she couldn't stay mad at me when I stretched out to my full length and gave her one of my innocent looks. I hope everyone has a nice weekend... has anyone seen Bob and Blackie?

Friday, March 21, 2008


Hi Blackie!

As you can see, I like to sleep on my back too. My mom bought me this round fleece bed to sleep in... I love it but it's a little bit small for me. My legs tend to hang off the sides when I stretch out... oh well, I still love sleeping in it!

Speaking of legs, I got my front paw pinched in a door today and boy did I YOWL! My poor mom freaked out and was ready to rush me to the vet to have it checked out. She massaged my paw for a few minutes and it was fine. I even batted my toy mouse around the kitchen floor to prove to her that it was okay. My mom still felt bad for me though and she gave me a special treat of Fancy Feast for dinner. Yum! That really made me feel better! I hope you, Bob and your mom and dad have a nice Easter. Bye for now!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hi, it's Bob!

Hi! Bob here! I haven't had a chance to talk much since Blackie keeps hogging the computer....

A little more about me : I'm the older one, 8 years old. but i act like a younger kitty! i like to run around at times. mommy calls me hyper. i usually go into my hyper tirades around the house in the morning, and blackie likes to chase me around the house before breakfast. I also run fast after i'd done a good poops! I like to run as far away from the stink as i can!

Blackie likes to play stick string, but I only like to play if mommy brings to stick to me. it's just to much work! one thing that i do that blackie doesn't is that i like to jump on people's laps. i always scare mommy when i jump on her lap while she is typing on the computer. I don't tell her i'm coming. i just do it! one time i jumped on the piano when she was playing it. she started laughing and i just kept walking on the piano!

i don't always like to sit on people's laps or chests. sometimes i just like to sleep, and i have all my favorite spots. i like the big sofa in the living room, the fainting couch on the other side, the eddie bauer lounge chair, and me and blackie fight over daddy's chair in the office. me and blackie fight so much, mommy gets worried. but we are only playing, but we are playing to win! lately i've been winning.

i love to eat. eating time is my favorite time. for a while i was eating blackie's food, because he wasn't eating much at all. he said he wasn't feeling good. he told me he was eating up all the plastic bags and didn't know it was bad for him. a few times he threw up and there was the plastic bag! that was a neat trick!

i also was begging for food at lunch time, so mommy would feed me. but then i would always throw up the food. oh well. mommy realized she was feeding me too much! now i don't throw up anymore.

mommy is trying to teach us that we have our own dinner plates. she told us that if alice and gertie could learn to eat in their own places, then we could too. but blackie likes to eat all his food and then he'll come eat with me. that's ok. he's bigger than me. and i guess i'm getting fat.

mommy is feeding us alice's old diabetes food, but the vet said that was ok. it tastes pretty good!! i like to eat it for snack. mommy is worried we are eating them out of house and home, whatever that means!

Blackie likes to snuggle up with me when we sleep. sometimes i don't like it, and i tell him to get away from me! mommy feels sad for blackie, but i say "grow up!". blackie is such a baby sometimes!

Ok, i have to go now!



Friday, March 14, 2008

A Day In The Life Of Prow-Prow Kitty

Hello.... my name is Kalea but my dad calls me "Princess" because he says I act like one and my mom calls me "Prow-Prow" because that's what I sound like when I meow. Sometimes she calls me "Knucklehead" but I just ignore her when she does that... how undignified! Humph!

Like Blackie and Bob I was also a rescue kitty. My mom and dad adopted me from the Barstow Humane Society through the PetSmart adoption program. My mom had no intention of adopting a kitty but she couldn't resist me when she saw me in a cage near the entrance of the store. I now live in the mountains of So. California (Big Bear Lake) and I couldn't be happier! I spend my days looking at the squirrels and birds through the windows and I also have fun annoying the two old dogs who live here with me. Well, I can hear the can opener which means it's DINNERTIME! Bye for now!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

more photos of jed and bob 2-13

Hi, Blackie here! As you can see, we are loving our new home. I really love to relax and hang out on the couch! Here are more photos of us that mommy took when we first came to live with them.

kitty photos

One of the things we hate about living here is that mommy won't let us into the bedroom. She is "allergic" to us, whatever that means, but she takes "medication" to help so she isn't too sick. She has to make sure we don't spread all our furs all over the bedroom where they sleep. The comfy blankets on the sofa helps too. She cleans that in the white machine every few days to keep her "allergies" from coming back.

She also won't let us into the room with all the neat things inside - looks like kitchen stuff so she can cook us some food. Lots of can stuff too.

After breakfast mom or dad lets us out into what they call the "patio room". It's like being outside, but there is glass walls all around us so we can't get out. But we can watch the birds and look at all the plants outside. We love it out here, especially on warm days. Bob always takes the grey lounge chair (it has a Eddie Bauer thing on it) and I explore the room and hunt for birds. So far I have not gotten any birds. I can't get outside to hunt them. but I can pretend.

Mommy and Daddy won't let us eat people food. We did try though. Bob tried to eat mommy's banana one day. She thought that was funny and laughed. Bob didn't get any.

At night we like to lay on the couch with Mommy and Daddy. I like to hang out with Bob, but lately Bob doesnt' seem to care about me anymore. So I hang out by myself or I will hang out with mom. Or Dad. Bob keeps trying to steal my chair though. We fight all the time over that chair!

I have a favorite toy. It's my stick with a string on it. I can chase it all day long. but mommy doesn't always like to play. She says she's too busy. She also gave us some soft balls to chase, but those are usually boring. One makes a lot of noise though. Sometimes i like to hit it to see how far it goes. If i want to play, though, i will carry the stick in my mouth and bring it to mommy.

I don't like people touching me too much, but mommy found out that i liked to be brushed! that is so cool. i purr and purr when she combs me, and then i get all weird on her. She thinks it's funny. I also like to be roughed up. Yeah, i'm a big boy, and i likes it rough!

Sometimes when i want something, I will bang on a door. I thought they would open the door for me if I do this, but they always ignore me. I don't like that, but I usually give up after a few minutes.

Oh, I can open doors! but Mommy doesn't like that very much. She gets mad at me if i try to open a door. One time i jumped up so high i almost opened up the closet door with my feet! Mommy just laughed.

Ok, i have to go now.



First photos of blackie and bob

Here are some photos that mom took of us that first day. Hope you like them! kitty pictures

We're going to try to take photos as often as we can, so you all can see what we do every day. A cat's life isn't an easy one! So many things to do!

Love, Blackie Jed

Introducing your hosts, Blackie and Bob Lofton

We're new to the Lofton household, and wanted to share our experiences with others like us. We were living at the Humane Society when our future parents came to find us. It took a few days to get things rolling, but we finally moved in to our new home on February 20th, 2008. We found out later that it had been only 2 weeks ago since their beloved kitty Alice had gone over to RAINBOW BRIDGE and they wanted new kitties to take care of.

Well, here we are!! We are having a good time in this brand new house. So far, we haven't made our new mommy and daddy too mad at us. We've only scratched up the furniture a little. It just feels so good to do it!

We'll post some more later. We don't have thumbs so it takes us longer to type.


Blackie (Jed) and (Smokey) Bob