Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hi, it's Bob!

Hi! Bob here! I haven't had a chance to talk much since Blackie keeps hogging the computer....

A little more about me : I'm the older one, 8 years old. but i act like a younger kitty! i like to run around at times. mommy calls me hyper. i usually go into my hyper tirades around the house in the morning, and blackie likes to chase me around the house before breakfast. I also run fast after i'd done a good poops! I like to run as far away from the stink as i can!

Blackie likes to play stick string, but I only like to play if mommy brings to stick to me. it's just to much work! one thing that i do that blackie doesn't is that i like to jump on people's laps. i always scare mommy when i jump on her lap while she is typing on the computer. I don't tell her i'm coming. i just do it! one time i jumped on the piano when she was playing it. she started laughing and i just kept walking on the piano!

i don't always like to sit on people's laps or chests. sometimes i just like to sleep, and i have all my favorite spots. i like the big sofa in the living room, the fainting couch on the other side, the eddie bauer lounge chair, and me and blackie fight over daddy's chair in the office. me and blackie fight so much, mommy gets worried. but we are only playing, but we are playing to win! lately i've been winning.

i love to eat. eating time is my favorite time. for a while i was eating blackie's food, because he wasn't eating much at all. he said he wasn't feeling good. he told me he was eating up all the plastic bags and didn't know it was bad for him. a few times he threw up and there was the plastic bag! that was a neat trick!

i also was begging for food at lunch time, so mommy would feed me. but then i would always throw up the food. oh well. mommy realized she was feeding me too much! now i don't throw up anymore.

mommy is trying to teach us that we have our own dinner plates. she told us that if alice and gertie could learn to eat in their own places, then we could too. but blackie likes to eat all his food and then he'll come eat with me. that's ok. he's bigger than me. and i guess i'm getting fat.

mommy is feeding us alice's old diabetes food, but the vet said that was ok. it tastes pretty good!! i like to eat it for snack. mommy is worried we are eating them out of house and home, whatever that means!

Blackie likes to snuggle up with me when we sleep. sometimes i don't like it, and i tell him to get away from me! mommy feels sad for blackie, but i say "grow up!". blackie is such a baby sometimes!

Ok, i have to go now!




AppleDebbie said...

Prow Prow says, "Hi Bob! Don't worry about Blackie eating the plastic bags. I like to eat rubberbands and now I drive my Mom crazy because she has to hide all of the rubberbands from me. I love your pictures... you're such a handsome guy!"

ratmammy said...

Blackie says, "Wait a minute! What about me!!!!"

ratmammy said...

Bob says, "thank you!" ::blush::

AppleDebbie said...

Prow Prow says, "Blackie you're handsome too! (In a Sumo Wrestler kind of way...)"

Madeleine/Sylvie said...

Hi Bob and Blackie ! I have been following your journey to a happy life closely. You are two handsome guys, say hi to your mom :)

Madeleine said...

So Blackie is the dominant one? I forget which one is the younger one and I also never found out, when you did adopt them you where worried about one of the two having health problems, how did it turn out?

Whom does Prow Prow (love the name) belong to, big cat! needs a bigger bed :p

Oh yes I almost forgot, I am getting a new digital camera in 2 weeks :))))))))I want to take lots of pictures. There are Japanese trees all over the place here and they haven't bloomed yet. Does Oliver qualify as a guest? He is small, behaves like a cat in the house, lays around lazy, jumps on everything ( all Jack Russells do) and plays like a cat, chasing anything that moves. But he is definitely K-9. Let me know, he loves cats and misses Muffin.