Monday, May 26, 2008

Bob and blackie's relationship

Hi, Blackie here!

I have to continue our story --- Did i tell you how much I love Bob, and that for a long time we were very close? He was like my mother to me, and he would let me suck on him when I wanted some comfort. Mommy thought this was weird, and even the humane society was upset. When the Humane society called up mommy to check on me and Bob, mommy told them that Bob was beating me up when I tried to nurse on him, and they said thank god! But i was very upset because I was so used to Bob being like my own mommy.

Well, for a long time Bob was ok with me sucking on him, and he would lick me while I tried to breastfeed on him, but finally he had enough and so now, every time I try to do it, he will beat me up.

These days, I don't hang out with Bob anymore. It was very hard to get beat up after he would lick my face. He was telling me that I had to grow up. I guess i was forced to grow up really fast! So, usually I will hang out with Mommy, and Bob will hang out by himself or Daddy. No more clinginess with Bob. I sure miss Bob, but I am tired of being beat up, and I know that my human mommy loves me, so I am happy enough.

Mommy is amazed at how friendly I've become since moving here with Bob. I wouldn't let them touch me at first, but now I find that I enjoy being stroked and petted, and I know they will not hit me. I sometimes think they will hit me if I am being bad, as they say, when I try to do stuff like open doors. But mommy is very gentle with me, and makes sure that I know she loves me.

Bob knows how to work it - he knows how to schmooze and kiss up to Mommy and daddy when it's time to be fed. I guess Bob is good at that! I just donn't know how to do it. All i do is cry and cry when I want something. I don't usually cry that much, but when I do it's pretty loud. I have to make sure every one can hear me!

Daddy likes to hold me, as you have all seen photos of this. I am learning not to struggle too much, but sometimes I just want to be put down! He squezes me too hard!

Ok, I better go now.

Love, Blackie


AppleDebbie said...

Prow Prow says, "Hi Blackie! I know how hard it is to get used to a new home after living in an animal shelter too. I ran away through the doggy door when my mom and dad first brought me home and they were so worried about me! After spending one night in the cold I decided to go back inside the house through the doggy door and curl up in my kitty bed. Now that I feel safe and loved here, I don't try to escape anymore. I think we're all lucky that our moms and dads love us so much. I wish my mom would quit taking so many pictures of me though... I hate having that camera in my face all of the time!"

ratmammy said...

Blackie says, "I dont mind when my mommy takes photos of me. i know she likes to share me with all her friends!.. regarding running away, me and bob loved our new house right away, but i was afraid they would hit me every time i did something bad, so i was always scared. but i'm ok now. mommy never hits me except to spank me on my butt which i love! it makes a loud noise and it makes me purr!"

AppleDebbie said...

Prow Prow says, "My mom bought a new hair brush thingy the other day and I go into ecstasy when she brushes my fur with it! Oh my gosh, I'll even let her brush me while I'm eating my food. My mom laughs at me because I'm purring so loudly but I can't help it - it feels so good when she scratches my back with that thing. Does your mom brush your fur too?"

ratmammy said...

Blackie says, "She doesnt' always remember to brush me. the problem is i am not always around, or i'm in a place she cant' reach me. if i'm on the floor, and she brushes me, i start to slink around on the floor and purring. so she has to keep moving with me so she can brush me. but when she stops, i run back to her and she will brush me again. it does feel good. Bob doesn't purr as much when he is being brushd, but i think he told me he likes it too!"

i beati said...

i can tell these are 2 very loving cats- grey striped cats are always