Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A blackie and bob update from 2-17 2008

Hi everyone! Blackie here with more photos of me and Bob from last month. Mom wanted me to post these so people can see them..

Here's more kitty photos! Well, here's more about our story.

when we first moved to this house with our new parents, Bob was the one that knew what to do. He knew where we would eat and who our mom and dad was. I just did what Bob did, but I really didn't get it. Bob's really smart! I'm just another pretty face...

I have to tell everyone, though, that I love to eat those plastic bags I find all over the house. Well, i used to find all over the house, but mommy put them all away. I would chew the bags and eat them and swallow them, and then they would come out the other end when i pooped! Or if i barfed, mommy would find a piece of plastic bag in the barf. Hehe! i thought that was a neat trick!

I did lose a pound my first week living here, and Bob gained a pound because he was eating up all my food! but i wasn't too hungry, cuz i was eating all the plastic bags. well, it's fiber!

Daddy thinks that I'm kinda like his old cat Gertie. Gertie was really pretty and big and smart when it came to chasing things and hunting things down. She also didn't like to be petted too much or played with. I'm kind of like that. I am afraid that they are going to hit me, because my old family used to do that a lot. I guess i'm a bad boy. Bob is smarter than me, but he isn't as bad. He loves to be petted and held most of the time, and he knows how to kiss ass. is that the term? I don't feel comfortable doing that! but bob kisses ass all the time!

I used to run away a lot from mommy and daddy but now i don't. i know they will not hit me or hurt me. mommy always tells me what a good boy i am, even when i'm not.

mommy loves my pink tongue. i dont' get what's so special about that. but she thinks i look so cute when i meow in her face! well, that's how i talk! i can't help it.

i love to open up doors, did i tell you that? but i've given up because mommy makes sure they are all locked so i can't open them. oh well. one time i tried to open the closet door in the living room and i jumped up so high mommy couldnt' stop laughing. i also like to jump up on the refrigerator.

I like to watch Mommy clean out the litter box every day. that's so fun! i always have to use it after she cleans it up. i like a clean litter box! i wish they had a bigger litter box though. my head sticks out when i use it. oh well. when you gotta go...

Bob likes to eat so much, he eats TOO much and then he throws up. he barfs a few times a week. mommy and daddy both said "why won't you chew your kibble, bob?" but bob doesnt' listen. he just loves to eat.

Ok, gotta go!
Love Blackie...


AppleDebbie said...

Prow Prow says... "You're not a bad boy Blackie. I had a lot of trust issues when I first moved in with my new mom and dad. I love to play but I still don't like to be picked up and held. My mom says that I'm a control freak - I hate feeling like I'm not in control! Thanks for sharing your story with us - say hi to Bob for me!"

ratmammy said...

Blackie says, "I don't know... i think i'm a bad boy..."

AppleDebbie said...

Prow Prow says... "Time for your daily affirmation Blackie. Repeat after me... I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!"