Friday, August 22, 2008

Blackie and Bob goes to the vet - 19th of February 2008

Blackie here,

Mommy likes me to post about stuff that happened to us, but I have to say this is a very old one. Bob and i went to the vet when we first moved to our mommy and daddys house, because they wanted to be sure we were ok. Mommy and daddy were so amazed at how good we were. We didnt' act scared like their other kitties did.

Anyway, mommy asked daddy to come with her because i was way too heavy for her to carry. two of us was enough trouble! we got the play while we waited in the main room of the animal hospital but we were told to go back inside our carriers because a mean dog was going to come out soon. Bob cried then, but i was ok with it. I just lay in there , waiting. then we went inside a smaller room and got to play some more!

the vet was nice to us but he did do all sorts of mean things to us too, like stick this thing into our butts! the vet said he could not find bob's heart murmur but mommy is not convinced. she knows that there is soemthing going on with my brother.

when they weighed us, they found out i had lost weight. i couldnt' help it because i was eating plastic bags that are fun to play with, and they think that is why i have not been eating cat food. oh well!

Back then, both of us were throwing up a lot and that was worrying Mommy, but all is better now. At least, i think all is better. Bob did have to go to the vet yesterday, but he'll tell us his story another day.

Love, Blackie


AppleDebbie said...

You're such a brave boy Blackie. Prow Prow hates to go anywhere in her carrier... she cries and cries during the car ride and then she tries to rip us to shreds when her ordeal is over. I hope Bob had a good check-up yesterday - you're a sweet boy to watch over him the way you do!

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

Absolutely gorgeous cat!!


Margaret Cloud said...

I am glad Blackie and Bob are okay, they are very cute. Thanks for comming by and commenting on Rainbow Bridge.