Saturday, March 14, 2009

Camera Critters MARCH 14 2009

Hello, Blackie here!

It's been a while since we have visited our friends at CAMERA CRITTERS... so here I am today, with my daddy, playing PEEK A BOO! Mommy always laughs at me because she thinks my head is almost as big as daddy's.. is that true?

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, and staying out of trouble. I am!

Love , Blackie.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

CAMERA CRITTERS - Bob and Blackie's Gotchaversary celebration Feb 7 2009

Hello, Bob here! Today we are celebrating early our "Gotchaversary!" That's the day that our mommy and daddy brought us home to live in our forever home. Our special date is February 12, but we didn't want to wait until next week to post, so here I am.

We also were tagged by our friend Trooper who asked us to talk about where we were 1 year ago today. Well, 1 year ago today, my little brother Blackie and I were living at the San Diego Humane Society (the one where that lady Joan Kroc gave money to) and were waiting to meet our new mommy and daddy. See, our previous parents didn't want us anymore. We don't know why.. it just happened. So we were taken to this nice place at the Humane Society in early January, where we were given a lot of love by all the peoples there, and given a really pretty room to live in. We got to sit in a window and look at all the other peoples looking for new kitties and doggies to take home.

So that is where we were 1 year ago today. Waiting to meet our new mommy and daddy! When mommy and daddy finally found us, they KNEW we were their new kitties. Even the social worker said that she could tell that mommy and daddy knew we were special kitties.

So, on February 12, mommy came to take us home. She couldnt' walk very well that day, because she had fallen down and spraint her ankle, but all the helpers helped her put us in the car. She couldn't carry blackie because he was way too big!

So, now it's almost a year since that day we came to our new forever home.

There's blackie, who is now very happy to be living here. He used to be very nervous,and would not let any one touch him or hug him or kiss him. Now, he even runs to daddy and will jump in his lap once in a blue moon! and he loves to be held and kissed and hugged. Talk about a changed kitty!

Here's the new toy that mommy bought for us (using a gift card that our cousins Emily and Zachary gave us for Xmas!) - i think we're supposed to sit on it and scratch it. We're not too sure. Blackie doesnt' like it yet, but I play on it sometimes...

Oh oh.... here comes blackie............ he sometimes is mean to me when I want to play with mommy...... oh oh..........

Ouch... sometimes we get really mad at each other.. but that's what brothers do......

I guess blackie is mad at me now...

But no one can stay mad at me for very long.....

So, that's our story... we are very happy here, with a mommy and daddy that loves us very much, who promises that this is now our forever home...



Friday, February 6, 2009

Blackie is a democrat

Blackie voted for Obama.........